Let me introduce myself.

Oh, where to start? I am stay-at-home mother of 3 beautiful girls. I am a small business owner, entrepreneur, wife, maid, chief(only the simple stuff), meal planner, grocery shopper, and woman of God. My life can be EXHAUSTING, as I’m sure many of you other mothers can relate to. I have had my fair share of motherly and wifely struggles, some days it’s all I can do just to keep the tiny humans alive. I have come to find, surprisingly, that most of us just desire friendship. Non-judgmental, unconditionally loving and relatable friendships. So why is it that us as mother can be some the the most lonely and isolated people? Why is it so hard to connect with other mama’s? I created this blog to hopefully find this out for myself, maybe we can sift through this common problem together.

Yours Truly,

The Diligent Mom.

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