I just can’t adult today.

Today started just as all the others… I leisurely get out of bed, take a 30min shower, put on my make up, outfit and jewelry so I am dressed to the nine. I drink the coffee my husband prepared as I relaxingly contemplate my responsibilities for the day. Then its time to wake the children. They so sweetly roll out of bed and get themselves dressed, eat their breakfast, brush teeth and hair, grab their backpacks for school and we are out the door. Sounds nice doesn’t it?

Well the reality of it is my mornings have literally NEVER been that way… My kids wake me up between 4:30 and 6 EVERY morning, regardless of how late I let them stay up. They’re like obnoxious roosters that wake everyone when the sun starts coming up. I remember as a child I would tip toe around the house and it was my personal mission to not let anyone know I was sneaking around. My kids however… I think they’re part elephant. They wake up, wake up the other girls still sleeping, then in a stampede run to my room. Half the time they wreak of pee from an accident in the night. So I get up, get dressed, usually have to lock myself in my bathroom because I am NOT a morning person. My kids wake up and seriously start talking 100mph and my brain just can’t deal. Makeup is always optional, usually it only happens when they aren’t banging on the bathroom door to get in. When I am finally somewhat ready to wrangle my morning monsters I begin the process of getting them ready for school. I go to get a cup of coffee, which is usually only warm at this point.

This in itself is a feat. Every. Single. Day. They usually spend 30min running around naked picking on each other, as I holler from the kitchen “,get your clothes on or you’ll have to stay home with me”. My attempts are humorous to them as they completely ignore me. My youngest then streaks through the kitchen with her panties, she plans to wear for the day, on her head. That little bugger is fast, so it takes me 10min to catch her, like a greased little piglet. My oldest is always the last one to get dressed… she loves school but for some reason has a big issue with getting that first article of clothing on. And my middle child… she will be the end of me someday. Whatever I did to upset God so much, I am truly sorry…

We go round and round with me repeating myself til I am blue in the face. But alas they all are FINALLY ready. So I say “load up!” Every. Single. Time. They fight over who gets to open the backdoor to get into the car. Like, seriously do you not have better things to get upset about. THEN they fight about who gets to open the car door, AND who gets to get in first. Ya’ll, I couldn’t even make this stuff up. I grab my coffee and now its cold, so I nuke it in the microwave for the first time. We get in the car and everyone is then arguing over who will ‘beat’ who buckling. We start to drive off and I finally have a small ounce of peace, but I assure you is never lasts long. Just today my middle child felt the desire to spit at her little sister, to which she responds by throwing a toothbrush at her face. Where the toothbrush came from, no clue. Up until two days ago, after drop-off was euphoric…instant silence, instantly down to one child (who is the sweetest). You know there’s a God when you can understand how amazing and what a blessing silence is… However, two days ago my sweet middle child was kicked out of preschool. I could have cried ya’ll. She refused to stop and take potty breaks. The child is 4.5 years old!!!!!!!! We get home, unload, I forgot about my coffee from the car chaos, so I take it inside to nuke it for the second time. Needless to day the last few days have been far less than euphoric. But i’ll readjust.

All this to say, Mama you are not alone. When you are mentally and physically exhausted before you even get out of bed. When you are seriously going to blow a gasket if you have to clean maker off the walls today. When you find secretly stashed dirty diapers and peed on panties strategically hidden through out the house. When you took time before bed to do the dishes, but for some reason the sink is full again. When you look at your mound of laundry heaping over the table and feel defeated. When you wake up and are not prepared to adult today… know you are not alone. Know that nearly every single SAHM is feeling the same things. Know that eventually you wont have anymore messes to clean up, or kids that need you to help them.Know that there is a community of women ready to hear you vent. Know that I am here to hear you vent.

Your Truly,

The Diligent Mom

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