Mom Zombie

All of us with kiddos have experienced the sleepless nights with newborns, but our bodies prepare us for that by having to pee every hour in our last trimester. However once our kids get older and out of that tiny baby stage, we get use to our normal sleep patterns again. Unfortunately, this means that when the little cherubs decide they’re ready to wake up and tackle the day at 3-5am, you have to wake as well… that or fuss at them to get back in bed every 5 minutes when you hear them getting loud.

Today was one of those days, I had a ladies small group the night before that led to me to getting home at 11pm. Then I accidentally woke up my sweet husband, who couldn’t fall back asleep, so he wanted to talk. I finally fell asleep for what seemed like 5 minutes, before my youngest woke up crying. No biggie, she’s done it before and I’ve dealt with whatever the issue is and she goes back to bed. NOT TODAY! She lost her blankey and was positive her sister (who was sleeping with her mouth hanging open and drooling), stole it. Obviously that wasn’t the case. So I begin my search, looking everywhere I think it may be. Through this time she is now fully awake. I find it ON HER BED, just face down, so it blended in with her sheets… Lord help me. I tried to put her back down, and returned to bed. No more than 1 minute later, I hear her waking up her sisters. I could have just cried, but I think I was just too tired. So we were up… at 5 am! I started coffee and tried to start my day. It has been a horribly unproductive day today. I am just too much of a mom zombie, no matter how much caffeine I consume.

So to you mama’s that are completely exhausted, and overly caffeinated… you’ve got this! Just throw that messy mane up in a bun and do your best. We are all falling short of what we perceive as perfection. But you are the best mother your kids could have!

Yours Truly,

The Diligent Mom

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