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Stop Living in Fear

Lets have a covid conversation… Ive been wanting to discuss this topic for a while now, but everyone is just so dang sensitive these days. I don’t want to intentionally offend anyone, but at the same time I hope to provide the nudge and tell you its okay to go back to your normal… 2020Continue reading “Stop Living in Fear”

Our City Homestead

If you are like us and every penny has a purpose, then you may have also considered maximizing your square footage to work for you. We live in a 1,600sqft house on .24 acre. Not a ton of space to do much of anything right? Wrong! Lets break it down. Our house is so dark,Continue reading “Our City Homestead”

Trouble Child.

If you have multiple children, I am going to assume that you’ve got at least one child that is the biggest handful. For most it’s usually the middle child, and this was no exception for us.  Ours can go from the sweetest and kind hearted little girl, to a defiant inconsolable mess at the drop ofContinue reading “Trouble Child.”

Who Am I?

Who am I? I am a mother. I am a wife. But who am I, what do I love to do, who do I love to hang out with, what do I do each week for me? If you are anything like me the answer to every single one of the questions is, I don’tContinue reading “Who Am I?”


Minimalism is something I’ve always chalked up to people that didn’t have any money or were super earthy… Oh, how wrong I was. Let me preface this by telling you a story. We had a knock out drag out kind of evening a few weeks ago. Im talking screaming mama with a trash bag kindContinue reading “Minimalism?”

Self Care?

As mothers we tend to completely neglect ourselves. The kids comes first. Our spouse comes first. The clean house comes first. Our work comes first. But when do we come first? Do you set aside time to do you? To rest and reset? If your like me that rarely comes around. I use to thinkContinue reading “Self Care?”

Mom Zombie

All of us with kiddos have experienced the sleepless nights with newborns, but our bodies prepare us for that by having to pee every hour in our last trimester. However once our kids get older and out of that tiny baby stage, we get use to our normal sleep patterns again. Unfortunately, this means thatContinue reading “Mom Zombie”


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